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Arnon was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and is an entrepreneur in the high tech industry. Since 2003, he has dedicated time to fine-art photography and exhibiting his work.


Arnon’s work deals primarily with the human condition and the boundary between documentary and fiction. His images capture people in transitory moments of introspection, vulnerability, and heart-searching. His urban landscapes document places where people have personalized and humanized their urban surroundings.


Arnon often blurs the line between documentary and staged photography. The series “Reaching Out” was created by documenting objects thrown into the frame; moments are recorded where gravity, time, and chance come together in surreal juxtaposition. These visual interruptions in the landscape play with scale and break the surface of photographic reality.


Arnon studied, among others, with Adi Ness, Miki Kratsman, and Sheffy Bleier.

BA Electrical Engineering, Technion

MA Cultural Studies, OUI



Solo Exhibitions

2008 - “Elements” Art Center, Raanana
2008 - “Mahne Yehuda 2005-2006” New Gallery (Artists On-Line), Jerusalem
2008 - “Through the Looking Glass” The Jerusalem Artists home
2008 - “Glass Ceiling” D&A Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2009 - “Naked Repose” Kayma Gallery, Jaffa

Group Exhibitions

2005 – “ 2 seconds” School of Geographic Photography Gallery
2006 – “”Mahne Yehuda 2005-2006” School of Geographic Photography Gallery
2008 – "Jerusalem Ghost" The New Gallery Jerusalem
2008 – "Empathy" Kayma Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2008 – "Jerusalem, Surface Fractures " The Jerusalem Artists home
2008 – "Inside Israel" The Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing, China
2009 – "Mesilat yesharim" – street exhibition in Spring Festival, Tel-Aviv

2009 – "Side B" – Zavta Tel-Aviv

2009 – "Annual Report", Kayma Gallery, Jaffa

2011 – "Story Slam", Kishon ART Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2019 – "Merhav Neshima" Wilfried Museum, Hazorea



2006 – Prize in "Yellow to Me", Nikon and National Geographic Channel Asia (NGCA)
2009 – Review Santa Fe for the project "Reaching Out", New Mexico, USA


2009 - "Naked Repose"

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